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Felix J AThiker at smithville.net
Sun Jun 6 20:43:07 CDT 2010

so...here is the tentative, semi-ambitious hike Pilot and I have planned 
for the last two weeks of July:

US 2 (Gorham) to Imp Shelter                                    8.0
Imp S. to Osgood Tentsite                                        17.9
Osgood to Mizpah/Nauman Tentsite                         14.8
Nauman to Zeacliff Pont                                         ~16.0
Zeacliff Pond to Liberty Tentsite                              ~15.6
(Possibly on in to N. Woodstock)
Liberty Tentsite to Eliza Brook (via N. Wdstk)         11.4
Eliza Brook to Jeffers Brook Lean-to                       15.9
Jeffers Brook to Hexacuba Shelter                           15.7
Hexacuba to Moose Mt. Shelter                              17.7
Moose Mt. to Happy Hill Shelter                             16.8
Happy Hill to W. Hartford, VT                                  4.0

So...about 153.8 miles in 12 days for an average of 12.8-ish.   That's 
if it all works out as planned and we find a place to park the car in  
W. Hartford and can get a ride to Gorham.
I hope it isn't still hot up there....

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"
ALT '03 KT '03

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