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Don't know about your neck of the woods, but my sweetie, Jon, has been doing a LOT of work to get the FT off a 9-mile stretch of roadwalk.  (The State of Florida bought a huge old cattle ranch, and the property is being added to the Little Big Econ State Forest).  He and a tiny crew have been working 3-4 days a week (yes, in Florida 90 degree heat and humidity).  He's been coming back covered in ticks.  It's nothing for me to pick 5-6 off his back.  (You do know that a tick check is considered redneck foreplay, right?)  

They're bad enough that I, still gallavanting around on my post-bunion surgery rolling kneewalker, have even picked up a couple that he apparently brought into the house.  Incidentally, I got way carried away in May with the lack of pain in my foot and cracked the hinge of bone left from the bunion correction.  This has meant another 5-6 weeks in the boot and on the kneewalker.  

Jon, now known as St. Jon to me, has been taking me out where there are boardwalks in the woods, on the beach, on the paved rails to trails, to that I can at least get a little taste of the outdoors.  Unfortunately, my knees have a limited tolerance for bumping along on boardwalks or for scooting along on the kneewalker.  Best I've managed to date was a very slow 3/4 of a mile.  

Maybe two more weeks (keep your fingers crossed) and I get put both feet on the ground again...


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this year than usually ???
I keep pulling off ticks
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