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Felix J AThiker at smithville.net
Sat Jun 12 18:23:22 CDT 2010

Mark Hudson wrote:
> Telephone Pioneers in NY and Kid Gore in Vt - Both with eastern views. 
> Can't beat propping yourself up in the back of the shelter and 
> watching either the sun or moon come up.
> Ten Mile River in Ct. 'Course the shelter wasn't there when I stayed 
> there - but you can walk to the little store at Bull's Bridge and buy 
> Ben & Jerry's.
> Same vote for Rufus Morgan. Walked into NOC and hiked back out (not 
> nearly as many places to stay in town back in the dark ages), you 
> should have seen the look on the other hikers faces when they pulled 
> into camp and found me chowing down a pint of ice cream.
> Number 5... Hmmm... Goddard Sh in VT, with the view from the fire 
> tower on the summit (even if the shelter area seems to be a breeding 
> ground for black flies...)? 
> Can I count the Inn at Long Trail as a shelter? I did stay there... 
> and have some really nice memories of the Irish Pub and some live 
> music... not to mention some good beer on tap

Well, it's coming up on a year since I asked this question "What are 
your 5 favorite shelters on the AT?"...so, I've had plenty of time to 
think about my own answer (and, Skeeter, I believe, was the only one who 
answered it then. Though, I think sloetoe may have,too). (Can you 
believe it's been a year nearly??? Where does the time go?)

Some of my favorite shelters may not even be there anymore. Since I 
haven't been to a lot of areas in nearly 12 years!  But, the quick, easy 
answers are:

Lost Mt. Shelter in VA. Nice setting. Nice shelter. Nice privy...close 
Thomas Knob Shelter...also in VA.  Beautiful scenery.  Beautiful hiking 
in both directions from the shelter.
Bryant Ridge Shelter in north-central VA.  Beautiful shelter...water and 
privy close by. I could live here!
Tom Leonard/Ice Gulch in MA. Nice shelter, nice setting.
Any shelter in Maine. 

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