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Gentian Pond  - nice view, get to swim with the leeches to wash the 
sweat off from the days hike.

Beaver Brook Shelter on the north side of Mooselauke -  wonderful 
sunrise and sunset looking east toward Franconia Ridge.  (sun shines 
on ridge at sundown)

Bryant Ridge -  because it is so unique.

Cooper Brook Falls Shelter -  Love that brook right in front of the shelter.

Eliza Brook Shelter -  just north of Kinsman Notch.  Seems so 
desolate especially after the long up hill walk from Kinsman Notch. 
Nice flat area with good water and close to a quick climb (for Nobos) 
in the next morning.


>Mark Hudson wrote:
>>  Telephone Pioneers in NY and Kid Gore in Vt - Both with eastern views.
>>  Can't beat propping yourself up in the back of the shelter and
>>  watching either the sun or moon come up.
>>  Ten Mile River in Ct. 'Course the shelter wasn't there when I stayed
>>  there - but you can walk to the little store at Bull's Bridge and buy
>>  Ben & Jerry's.
>>  Same vote for Rufus Morgan. Walked into NOC and hiked back out (not
>>  nearly as many places to stay in town back in the dark ages), you
>>  should have seen the look on the other hikers faces when they pulled
>>  into camp and found me chowing down a pint of ice cream.
>>  Number 5... Hmmm... Goddard Sh in VT, with the view from the fire
>>  tower on the summit (even if the shelter area seems to be a breeding
>>  ground for black flies...)?
>>  Can I count the Inn at Long Trail as a shelter? I did stay there...
>>  and have some really nice memories of the Irish Pub and some live
>>  music... not to mention some good beer on tap
>Well, it's coming up on a year since I asked this question "What are
>your 5 favorite shelters on the AT?"...so, I've had plenty of time to
>think about my own answer (and, Skeeter, I believe, was the only one who
>answered it then. Though, I think sloetoe may have,too). (Can you
>believe it's been a year nearly??? Where does the time go?)
>Some of my favorite shelters may not even be there anymore. Since I
>haven't been to a lot of areas in nearly 12 years!  But, the quick, easy
>answers are:
>Lost Mt. Shelter in VA. Nice setting. Nice shelter. Nice privy...close
>Thomas Knob Shelter...also in VA.  Beautiful scenery.  Beautiful hiking
>in both directions from the shelter.
>Bryant Ridge Shelter in north-central VA.  Beautiful shelter...water and
>privy close by. I could live here!
>Tom Leonard/Ice Gulch in MA. Nice shelter, nice setting.
>Any shelter in Maine.
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