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Goddard, VT - love the view, and the fog, and the resonance when Pokey hits her head in the morning (which she did nearly every morning in a shelter since I joined up with Felix' posse at Jeffers Brook).
Blue Mtn, GA - great sunrise, and nearly cut my thumb off.
Cloud Pond, ME - just an awesome setting.
Rausch Gap, PA - love the stonework, and the heavy metals in the water.
The Perch, NH - don't know many thruhikers that use this, but I've used it a bunch on section hikes - may be the steepest location of any shelter.  Pokey would have had a VERY sore head.

Ke Kaahawe
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Well, it's coming up on a year since I asked this question "What are
your 5 favorite shelters on the AT?"...so, I've had plenty of time to
think about my own answer (and, Skeeter, I believe, was the only one who
answered it then. Though, I think sloetoe may have,too). (Can you
believe it's been a year nearly??? Where does the time go?)

Some of my favorite shelters may not even be there anymore. Since I
haven't been to a lot of areas in nearly 12 years!  But, the quick, easy
answers are:

Lost Mt. Shelter in VA. Nice setting. Nice shelter. Nice privy...close
Thomas Knob Shelter...also in VA.  Beautiful scenery.  Beautiful hiking
in both directions from the shelter.
Bryant Ridge Shelter in north-central VA.  Beautiful shelter...water and
privy close by. I could live here!
Tom Leonard/Ice Gulch in MA. Nice shelter, nice setting.
Any shelter in Maine.

Felix J. McGillicuddy
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