[at-l] 5

Felix J AThiker at smithville.net
Tue Jun 15 06:24:34 CDT 2010

Michael Henderson wrote:
> Goddard, VT - love the view, and the fog, and the resonance when Pokey hits her head in the morning (which she did nearly every morning in a shelter since I joined up with Felix' posse at Jeffers Brook).
> Blue Mtn, GA - great sunrise, and nearly cut my thumb off.
> Cloud Pond, ME - just an awesome setting.
> Rausch Gap, PA - love the stonework, and the heavy metals in the water.
> The Perch, NH - don't know many thruhikers that use this, but I've used it a bunch on section hikes - may be the steepest location of any shelter.  Pokey would have had a VERY sore head.
It's funny, the two shelters you mentioned that I have stayed in were 
'this close' to making my list as well. I think I should have named 10 
shelters in my top 5. As for the Pokey hitting her head...that was sure 
a funny combination of sounds, wasn't it? And, the even funnier 
thing...the same noises happened when she did that in a tent, too.   

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