[at-l] Ticks--revisted

Carla & Dave Hicks carla_dave_hicks at verizon.net
Tue Jun 15 14:55:53 CDT 2010

Hope it is just STARI and responds quickly to oral antibiotics.

See: http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dvbid/stari/

Good luck!

Keep us informed.


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'member how we were talking about how bad the ticks have been this year?  And 
how I said I'd been picking scores of ticks off my trail work volunteer 

Sweetie/long-term signicant other/trail worker just called to tell me he can't 
get hold of his doctor, so he's on the way to the Emergency Room with a bull's 
eye rash on his back...have fun but be careful out there.

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