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First, I have to admit that to get information out of Jon, my tick-bitten sweetie, I'd probably have to take up waterboarding.  However, they took some blood for a test and gave him a week's worth of antibiotics and told him to make an appointment to see his regular doctor right away.  (He's making that appointment today.)

And they told him to take Zertec.  What in the world is that for?   Of course, he didn't ask any questions.  (Twenty years in the Army Special Forces; he knows how to take and give orders.  No questions asked.)

Anyone know why you'd take Zertec for Lyme?


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Amy's off the trail with the same thing. :-(

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'member how we were talking about how bad the ticks have been this year?  And how I said I'd been picking scores of ticks off my trail work volunteer sweetie?
Sweetie/long-term signicant other/trail worker just called to tell me he can't get hold of his doctor, so he's on the way to the Emergency Room with a bull's eye rash on his back...have fun but be careful out there.

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