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Garmin has or had a gps, phone, camera combo that AT&T used to sell
but apparently it didn't sell too well and its being pulled for
circulation. Phone cameras are only "ok" in my opinion: you don't get
the lens or recording quality out of a phone cam. Garmin's Oregon GPS
& Phone combo produces a slightly better picture, imho, than phone
cams I've used. That said, there's new technology for recording the
image just around the corner and at some point it will make its way
into phone and gps units and will likely obsolete the photo quality
complaints about phone and gps cams.

The big issue with any combo electronic device is battery life and
batteries are, generally, heavy. However, with lithium batteries you
get longer life in a lighter package. The Oregon 550 uses two AA
batteries and they will last two full days with heavy use, that is,
leaving the GPS unit on all day AND recording photos often. With
attention to how you use the unit, you can extend the life of those
two batteries an additional half or full day.

I carry a Samsung smart phone. The camera is so so. AT&T rarely has
service along the southern portions of the AT I generally hike. I have
two extra batteries that I carry on trips lasting longer than three
days. One is for "emergency" use; the others I use to play music,
record photos, check and send email, usually w family. They are
proprietary lithiums that are NOT too heavy.

A couple companies have come out with light weight solar cell
technology for recharging batteries in the backcountry. I bought one
unit but haven't really used it. They are an alternative to carrying
extra batteries, but you'll have to expose the solar cell for the
charging battery a full day to get half a charge, if i understand the
specs correctly . . .

On Thu, Jun 17, 2010 at 8:25 AM, giniajim <jplynch at crosslink.net> wrote:
> A related question is (and assuming that we're one of those who like to
> carry a cell-phone): what's the best camera/cell phone combo for the trail?
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> So, what light-weight but durable digital camera is everyone crazy about
> these days?
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