[at-l] Post Trail Sadness Disorder

Mark Hudson mvhudson at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 06:40:22 CST 2010

Ah yes, Springer Fever... I kept waiting for it to "wear off"... only to
find that over the years it just takes on a fine polish from being used so
I think one of the big ones was driving into work one morning in a funk
(usually not a problem for me)... it wasn't until I got to work and looked
at the calendar that
I realized it was the anniversary of my start date... so my body knows
Springer Fever even when my mind doesn't.
Now I use Springer Fever to celebrate the anticipation of the next
adventure... granted, I can't get six months for that next adventure
anymore, but I've learned to
find adventure where I can, two weeks to a month at a time. Not quite the
same, but it can be done ;-)


PS, if your granddaughter has the enthusiasm of most seven year olds, and
you stick her with the hiking bug <g>, you may change her life... meanwhile
she at least
gets bragging rights for "what I did with my grandma this weekend!" ;-)
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