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We should go back to the old days and require that cars have an accompanying flag man.  (or, to modernize a bit, flag person).  And bikes should always have the right of way, except over horses and walkers.  The right of way hierarchy should be: trains, trolleys, horses, walkers, non-motorized bikes, quiet motorized bikes,  non-smelly busses, cars, noisy motorized bikes, 18-wheelers, smelly busses.  :)
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  This will vary from state to state.  I remember that is/was legal to use 
  either hand/arm to signal in MA.  I have not looked it up in TN yet.

  Black Wolfe
  Bruce W.

  I suspect that in a car with a right hand drive, you would be legal useing 
  your right hand.  ;)

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  > So...when you're riding a bike...and, you're going to make a right hand
  > turn...do you signal it with your right hand? Or, do you use your left
  > hand pointed skyward like
  > we used to do in a car?
  > -- 
  > Felix J. McGillicuddy 

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