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One of the problems I see regarding using the right hand to signal is that the drivers of cars are on the left and may not be looking for a right hand signal but would more clearly see a left hand signal.  Of course, the driver of the car should not be so close that a turning bicycle would be hit by them but then one never can take that for granted.


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"Ironically, the only drivers who regularly use hand signals any more are 
yclists. So far 23 states have changed their statutes to permit cyclists to 
ake a right turn signal with the right hand. The most recent was Colorado 
2005). Cyclists can make a stopping signal with either hand; the law should 
lso permit it. A right-hand stopping signal is more effective and more 
isible when the cyclist is at the left side of a traffic lane, for example 
hen riding on the left side of a one-way street."
I did not see a list of which states allowed the right hand.
Black Wolfe
ruce W.

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> Right as usual, Bruce. I was specifically talking about SC without 
 remembering to specify.

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> This will vary from state to state.  I remember that is/was legal to use
 either hand/arm to signal in MA.  I have not looked it up in TN yet.

 Black Wolfe
 Bruce W.

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> So...when you're riding a bike...and, you're going to make a right hand
> turn...do you signal it with your right hand? Or, do you use your left
> hand pointed skyward like
> we used to do in a car?
> -- 
> Felix J. McGillicuddy 
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