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Fri Mar 5 20:39:39 CST 2010

On 3/5/2010 10:18 AM, Bob Wardecker wrote:
> On 3/5/2010 10:10 AM, nightwalker.at at gmail.com wrote:
>> From: Felix J<AThiker at smithville.net>
>> Using the right hand is easier and seems to make more sense and is
>> easier to figure out. I just wondered if there was a 'legal' right or
>> wrong.
>> -----------------------------------
>> Left is the legal way. Same traffic rules apply for bikes and cars,
>> and you have the same rights on the road as a car. The problem is that
>> car drivers--especially if their cars are road-legal tanks--do not get
>> this. So, legal or not, whichever way you think is less likely to get
>> you killed is the best way.
>> And remember, only you can prevent forest fires!
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> I use my right hand to signal a right turn.
> I have also found out that if one of those tank drivers do something
> stupid like cut me off, a sharp open palm slap to the quarter panel gets
> their attention real quick.<snip>

I always ride with a whistle on a lanyard hanging from my neck.  In 
heavy traffic I hold it in my teeth ready to blow.  Very effective in 
getting drivers attention from a safer distance.  Comes from my younger 
days riding in NYC.

What's happening Shakey, still in Carlisle?


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