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A funny confession here, it's ok for y'all to laugh. 

Some years ago I was told about the advantages of olive oil as part of my trail menu. After checking the grocery shelves for price, calorie content and size, I settled on a 10 oz bottle. I had no idea how much to carry or even if I'd like olive oil - being your basic hill billy with no close Italian connections. So, Hopeful finds a 6 oz cheapy soft drink in a very light plastic bottle. I tasted the soft drink, realized why it was so cheap, dumped it out and repackaged the oil. 

Well, I headed out from Bland, VA going south back towards Damascus. It was March, the wind was bitter cold but the skies were pretty blue. I added a spoon full of oil to my supper that night but wasn't much impressed. It didn't taste bad, it just didn't seem to enhance my rice supper. Next morning I decide to see what olive oil could do for ( or to ) grits. Can you imagine my shock and dismay when I found my olive oil had turned into olive sludge! For the next three freezing day, I shook and squeezed and pounded that little plastic bottle trying to get some olive sludge to come out. I figured I'd have to dig it out with the end of my spoon. No dice. The spoon handle just sunk down into the ooze only to come out almost completely clean. I shook and squeezed some more. Nothing. After the third day I came upon a trash can and with great contempt and disdain I slam-dunked the bottle. It bounced  off the rim so I repeated my little tantrum only this time I disparaged the whole nation of Italy, the Mafia and about three quarters of Greece. 

That evening in camp, I met my first hiker of that trip, an early nobo who had wider culinary horizons than me. "Hopeful, old son," says he to me, "don't you know if you had just warmed the bottle over your cook pot the oil would have liquefied?" I set my tent up behind the shelter and refused to talk to him the rest of the night.  Hopeful 

PS, to return to topic, the oil never leaked - even while in liquid form - and the cheapy soft drink cost me 50 cents. 
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Anyone have any recommendations for little lightweight bottles that could carry olive oil, maybe four ounces or so, and not leak! 


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