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Marsha Lee atrailhiker at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 9 11:12:04 CST 2010

The larvae is definitely in the container, or was laid post mfg'd somehow. 

I used to raise cockatiels and would buy 50 lb bags of seed. I was finding the same thing and was told I had to freeze the seed first or live with moths everywhere; so I started buying smaller bags of seed so I could freeze it first. 

The feed & seed store told me that MOST grain and seed is processed with larvae, bugs etc. If it's for human consumption, the government does indeed allow so much in our food. Isn't that wonderful? 

I remember before I had a solution, the moths would lay the larvae on my ceiling, creating a lots of moths. Cockatiels loved the protein and entertainment ;)

I think if it was in my oatmeal, I'd return it. 

I even find moths and larvae in the store around seed & grain, alerting mgmt to get rid of it before they have a moth problem. 


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