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Let me think of the name, here.... Fox something.... Lazy Fox Inn, I think. A B&B. The lady permitted camping in the yard (I just knocked on the door and asked) w/ no fires and no trash left. I was one of maybe half a dozen campers there. However, she did not invite any indoor privileges. I walked down the street to the loo at the city park. I'm thinking you could take a shower there, not sure I'm remembering that right. One of the churches in town provided showers in a big mobile trailer thing. 

Her yard was a beautiful place to camp. So grassy I almost didn't need my sleeping pad.  Quiet, unless you count the adjacent rushing river as noise. Restful -- I needed rest, not the frenzy and cacophony of Tent City. The river was a wonderful easy water source. The inn was much closer to the Trail Days action than Tent City was, and when it started raining, was not muddy.

My last day there, I knocked on the door and offered the lady some things I'd bought but not used -- honey, 2 of the 3 flyswatters that came in a package, couple other household things -- and she invited me in to finish off the breakfast that her paying guests hadn't finished. It was spectacular. She was a lovely, pleasant older lady. I really enjoyed camping there and would do so again.



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What Hostels or B & B's allow tenting on there yard for Trail Days?   With indoor privileges.

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