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Leslie Booher lbooher at charter.net
Wed Mar 10 23:38:36 CST 2010

Thanks for that.  It was just the info I needed.  You're so wonderful!


Humankind (be both)

Accurate EXCEPT it actually says, "It was in 1952 that Peace 
Pilgrim became the first woman to hike the entire Appalachian 
Trail in one season."  It doesn't say "alone" and she was not 
alone...she hiked with a man who was not her husband and 
that was not widely advertised because at that time that was 
really frowned on.  So she was actually the 1st woman but 
not a *solo* woman like Grandma Gatewood, who has ended 
up with all the attention.   

~~ eArThworm

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