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Skyline Drive is open in the North and Central District and the overlooks are generally cleared.  The South District(Swift Run Gap to Waynesboro) remains closed.  The is no road side parking since the snow drifts along the road are 4 feet high and mostly ice. The more popular overlooks, such as Mary's Rock, Stoneyman, Hawksbill, etc. have seen foot traffic so the trails are packed and passable.  In general the AT has not seen much foot traffic and will be snow covered to two feet and in some places 5 feet.  I visited Rock Spring Hut last week and had to use snow shoes.  There has been some melting so conditions are improving. In terms of blow downs we are not hearing about much damage.  If you access the park from the boundary the trails at the lower elevations are passable with some snow on the tread.  The waterfalls should be terrific.

The area is expecting lots of rain this weekend and the streams will be very full if not at flood stage.

Hope this helps.

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  Anyone have any updates for SNP?  

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