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This past August I had the wonderful opportunity to hike Vermont's Long Trail. It kicked my packside for a solid month   :)    Well, indeed it was a very hard hike but well worth every step, stumble and steep ascent and drop. I was so wonderfully impressed with the kindness of the folks up there. The were many trips into a town to resupply but each hitch proved to be a snap. The views were enthralling and the silence a reward. The one month proved to be a sort of condensed thruhike for every aspect was present. In the beginning the climbs just ate my lunch. At the end, my trail legs were back. Two days in, my appetite  was raging; I spared not a single mouthful. By the end of the month, I had lost 10 pounds. >From Sherburne Pass to the MA line, it rained and rained and rained. Welcome back 2003. 

This is a special year for LT. I received this post from the GMC and I wanted to share it with all in hopes that others may decide to E2E the Long Trail.   Hopeful 

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March 11, 2010: 
100th Birthday of the Green Mountain Club! 

Today is a big day for hikers. 

A hundred years ago today, twenty-three people met in Burlington, Vermont and established the Green Mountain Club to build and maintain the Long Trail. Today, the Long Trail is a 273-mile hiking trail along the ridgeline of the Green Mountains, from Massachusetts to Quebec. For a century, this rugged footpath has been the backbone of Vermont’s storied landscape. 

In celebration, we want to introduce a thousand new people to the wonders of the Long Trail. We need your help. 

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Theron Dean on the summit of Mt. Mansfield, 1918 


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