[at-l] Big John

Mark Hudson mvhudson at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 09:39:23 CDT 2010

My best memory of John was the PA Ruck he decided to hike into... Well, I
guess the best way to describe the weather is that it was "slushing" out...
snow, rain, sleet all mixed together. John had stopped to get something out
of his pack, and I guess it didn't close right... so the whole time he was
hiking the crud was falling out of the sky and the trees straight into his
pack. EVERYTHING was drenched.
He called and got a ride into the Ruck... big pack explosion as he tried to
dry everything out...

The thing was... (and this was Johnny O'...) although everybody got a laugh
out of it, nobody got as big a laugh as he did... ;-)

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