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I got a copy & glanced through it. It is a book.

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Tom Moose (Grey Fox AT 2006) wrote a memoir, "Only the 
Things that Matter."  He's hoping to sell enough copies to 
finance a PCT thruhike.  I haven't read the book yet, but 
thought y 'all might like to know about it.  Here's  something 
from a month ago on his Trailjournal site: 

"You should buy a copy- it's about my 2006 AT hike 
and is the best book written about anything ever. 
(Statements made in this journal entry may be subject 
to hyperbole.) You can get a signed copy by mailing 
me a check to:

Tom Moose
38313 Gold Hill Rd
Richfield, NC 28137

0r you can order it online at www.lulu.com/greyfoxat

So far I am at 75 percent of my goal to be able to make it 
on the PCT- so I thought I'd offer some extra incentive to 
buy my book. My publishing company, Lulu, is having a sales 
contest during the month of March. The top three selling 
offers win cash prizes of $1500 $750 and $500 respectively. 
If I win any of the prizes, I will donate the money to the ATC. 
Those of you who have hiked the AT know they are a 
non-profit and could really benefit from the money.

On top of that, people that order during the contest get ten 
percent off my book. I just need to sell 150 more copies in 
order to make it- so help a fellow hiker, and the ATC out!"

Anyone read it yet?
~~ eArThworm

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