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I'm familiar with the Sport Kilt. It is made from synthetics or cotton, not
9 yards of 60" wide wool like a great kilt or the original form which was
even more yards of 30" wide wool. I've considered buying a Sport Kilt <
http://www.sportkilt.com/> myself because it would be a cool attire (in both
senses of the word "cool"). Check the link I provided on wearing a great
kilt and you will see why I think it could/would be too warm for a thru.
Remember, the Scottish highlands are well North of most of the AT. They tend
to be a chilly and damp climate.

Jim Bullard

On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 1:08 AM, <savebarcelona091 at aim.com> wrote:

> I wore a kilt on my 09 thru hike that I bought from sport kilt and it
> wasn't too warm at all, it kept me cool during the warm days and chap free.
> In the beginning I had to wear thermals though only when I wasn't hiking, it
> was perfect. Kilts are great for the AT
> Pink Blaze
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