[at-l] Hammocking Blast from the past

Frank Looper nightwalker.at at gmail.com
Fri Mar 19 16:39:24 CDT 2010

Amy: An answer to a question you asked 8 years ago.

On Wednesday, June 19, 2002, at 02:50 PM, Shane Steinkamp wrote:

> You will need:
> Hammock w/ropes.
> 2 Carabineers
> 1 Webbing strap, 6-8 feet long.
> 1 tie down strap available from any auto parts store.

How much does this setup weigh once you've finished modifying it?


2 Treklight Carabiners - 1.6 oz. - $10.99 per pair + shipping.

30 ft of Speer 1", 1800-pound strength webbing - 8 oz. - $8.45 + shipping
You have to sew a loop on each 15-foot piece. Or have someone do it
for you. Silk stitch, X and Box, polyester thread.)

I found the webbing to be lighter than good hammock rope. If you gain
weight from webbing a hammock instead of roping it, it's an ounce or
two and NO STRETCH/SAG!!! set it and forget it.

Self-centering aluminum molded cinch buckles - 2 ounces per pair -
$5.75 apiece gunmetal anodized, $7.50 apiece black anodized + shipping
Black anodized -
Bare aluminum -

While we're at it, you need a new, great, inexpensive hammock. Byer
Mosquito - 11 oz. - 	$37.78 + shipping at Amazon. (on sale! Hurry!
<G>) As far as I can tell, it has the pros of the Hennessey without
the cons. Mine is fantastic. They have a good rep, and to use without
the skeeter screen, you just flip it over. Horizontal sleeping as well
if you want, so you're much flatter.

The ONLY way that I found to hammock in the Winter was by buying a
better/warmer pad and avoiding the cost and weight of underquilts. I
just received a Pacific Outdoor Equipment Ether Thermo 6 air mattress.
24 oz for the long (you want the long) and on sale for $72.00 +
shipping at Amazon. If you're willing to wait 7-10 days, all
direct-from-Amazon products ship free with an order over 25.00.

I used half of a cheap walmart closed cell foam pad, split into two
10" x 36" pieces. I immediately voided the warranty of my air mattress
and sewed three small loops on each side to attach the "wings." I
haven't weighed it, but I'll over-estimate the weight of half of the
blue foam pad to be 6 ounces.

So, in the end, my hammock setup is actually slightly heavier than my
2-pound tent. I would carry the new air mattress anyway. The entire
hammock setup is 30.6 ounces. That includes webbing, carabiners, cinch
buckles, hammock and wings. It's taken me YEARS to put together a
system this light for Winter use. I was warm down to around ten
degrees in this setup a few weeks ago. Pretty happy!

I know you're not here to read this. I started on it two months ago
and forgot about it until today. I'm good at that!

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