[at-l] Nice journal entry by a PATH volunteer trail maintainer.....

Rosalind Suit rosalind.suit at verizon.net
Sun Mar 21 14:17:09 CDT 2010

Yesterday I was out doing work to further the maintenance of the AT.....not on the trail itself, but in the corridor so that my club can bring in the materials for construction of a new privy by an AT shelter.   A gloriously beautiful day....the crew of volunteer workers had fun and accomplished a lot....and we were very satisfied with our day's accomplishments.  That's one of the wonderful parts of the volunteering business....knowing and feeling the pride of getting something positive done.  

And here's another account by Karl Kunkel, down in SW Virginia, that I could sympathize with, since today I'm feeling some aches and muscle soreness from the events of yesterday.  And in the process of reading his account, found this new  (to me) site of "Live Journals".....just thought I'd share this with those who also maintain, as well as those who don't.  He's one of the hundreds who get out there and do their bit.  More ought to. 


(whose club maintains up in PA)
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