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Monson North was hard in places and ridiculously easy in places. Of course, the trail that I hike most often has *thousamds* ov steps, so I may be the wrong one to judge.

Katahdin kicked my butt. What a heck of a way to *start* a hike!

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And all are complete wimps compared to the Whites and western Maine.

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I never thought there was much to it. Been South 2-3 times and North 4-5 times there. Not absolutely sure.

My opinion of hardest climb in the South was NOC to Sassafras Gap. But everyone feels differently.

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I'm sure it did that was a very rewarding north bound climb, I found it to be one of the most enjoyable on the southern half of the trail.
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I saw that on the map and was almost tempted to suggest it to a couple guys in our group I knew would struggle to make it up to the top. 

 I'm glad I didn't. They made it up just fine and I'm sure a lot of satisfaction came from reaching the top after that climb.


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 On my '09 thru hike a fellow hiker took the blue blaze road around Albert Mountain's peak and got the name Shameless Blue Blazer, or Shameless for short.
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