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Blood Mtn is, to me, the hardest SoBo stretch in that area. Partly because I was exhausted, it was dark and I kept getting lost. Other than that, no problems. :-)

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trailr at aol.com wrote:
> Hmmm....
> The hike up into the Smokies wore me out.
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> What do you see as the hardest climb in the South? Going into the Smokies?

(For some reason I don't think I received Pink Blaze or Walt's posts on 

I once wrote a story in the ATN called Delirium that I based on my 
experience climbing Kelly Knob in GA. It's a tough one late in the day 
(they can ALL be tough late in the day).  The climb northbound out of 
NOC is a bit of work. Hiking into The Smokies always seems to give me 
adrenaline...so, I don't recall those climbs as difficult. Then again, I 
once climbed out of Davenport during an ice storm...that'll give you 
adrenaline. It's funny...when I climbed Standing Indian (New Year's Eve 
1998) and Blood Mt (January 3rd, 1999) it was well after dark. Things 
seem easier after dark. Or, maybe it was because it was less than 12º 
both nights and I had to hike to stay warm.

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