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News article talks about change in camping at Trail Days this year:

Trail Days parking will be slim in Damascus this year.

The 25,000 people who flood the town for the annual Appalachian Trail festival usually park and camp on eight acres of the town-owned Bayer Property off Shady Avenue. This year that spot will be fenced off and under construction for county ball fields. 
“It’s a transition year for Trail Days,” said Allyn Morton at a Trail Days meeting last week at Town Hall. Morton represents the outdoor outfitters who provide free service and gear to hikers during the festival. He has also attended every Trail Days since its inception 24 years ago.
About 15 community members attended last week’s meeting.
Richard Smith said although the eight acres will be out of commission there’s about eight to 10 additional wooded acres around the area open for camping.
“We’re not worried about the campers,” Smith said. “They have a spot.”
It’s more the day visitors who drive in and the car campers who must worry. Through-hikers can manage.
“It’s always been the area where the hikers have camped and I don’t think that will be disrupted,” Morton said. “It’s not the campers, it’s the parking.”
“If we can’t park where we used to put 300 to 400 cars last year, where are we going the put them?” asked Terry Kammer.
The group consensus was that parking will be scattered around the town but still it may not be enough. They also agreed not to charge a camping fee this year because of the new and changing conditions.
“The $5 camping fee was justified when we were going to put the money back into the campground,” Smith said. “I have no problem charging next year… We’re basically saying there are the woods, go camp.”

Here's a map to unconfuse the story:

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