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If yo uwant to get into hammocking then you need to check out www.hammockforums.net  

That site has the most information on hammocking there is. Lots of cottage manufacturers out there that sell hammocks.

Some of the most popular hammocks are by Speer, Warbonnet and Jacks R Better. Also quite a few folks on that site that make top quilts and under quilts.

Be prepared to spend a few weeks going over all the threads on hammocks

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I think I'm going to get one. Been thinking about it since I was on the Trail. I've been looking at them since, um, someone, I'm sorry I forget who -- gave the heads-up about a good deal on the Byer of Maine Moskito on Amazon. It's a great buy but I think I like the couple extra perks of the Hennesy Scout (bottom entry, inside ridgeline where you can hang things, comes with its own tarp.) It's "only" a  hundred bucks from REI and is supposed to be good for a person up to 5'10" and 200 pounds.... I'm 5'2" (at most) and under 125. I don't think I need more hammock than that. And if I don't like it after a couple nights, REI would probably take it back if it's not damaged, wouldn't they? Believe it or not, I've never gotten anything from them.

OTOH, I have an 8 X 10 urethane-coated nylon tarp (Etowah, I think) and could get (or make) just a hammock to go under it. Maybe I'll do that first to see how I like it. Except one that I make (e.g. knotting the ends of a sheet) might not be as comfortable as a "real" one and wouldn't give me the real feel. Kind of like someone getting cheap running shoes, to see if they like running before they spend a hundred bucks, and then due to the cheap shoes their feet and legs hurt and they decide they hate running, when if they'd started with good shoes the outcome might have been much better.


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My favorite quote about camping this year: "There are the woods. Go camp."

If you're a hammocker, it's never a problem. :-)

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