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RockDancer rockdancer97 at comcast.net
Sun Mar 28 09:14:33 CDT 2010

Hi all,
I was just reading a post by Cody Girl and it reminded me of last summer's hike (Springer to Damascus) and the start of my thru-hike 13 years ago on Friday. Cold weather, frozen boots, rain turning to sleet, weather beating sideways against the shelter... Poignant.

A health update: I'm trapped in a medical problem, seemingly without resolution. I've now been sick for over 6 months, and reduced to barely walking, unable to drive myself any distance, weak and some additional smaller problems. I had some sort of attack in September, now referred to as a "mast cell meltdown" that was a life-threatening situation. Either the treatment that saved my life, or the cause of the attack, left me in this condition overnight. Those who saw me at the Gathering in October may have noticed I wasn't myself.

I'm still in the health care system and have about 5 more tests coming up. The doctors know I'm sick, but without getting sicker they are unable to diagnose this. Call Dr. House for me, anyone? 

Anyway, I've felt that I've been hiding this information from friends and perhaps that's not true. I know some gossiping happens in the at-l world, but in case the word hasn't gone around I'm offering this update.

I'm heading out today to do a short hike on a mountain I've climbed 50+ times. The hike is only about 3 miles. The idea is to get a baseline time for me under these circumstances. The info will help compare with past performance and act as a benchmark as I improve later on (assuming such a thing). It will take a long time for these miles, right now my 85 year old Mom walks faster and climbs stairs better than me.

In another month or so I'll have exhausted what my doctors can do for me, and perhaps then I'll pursue the next level of resources.

Arthur Gaudet
Lowell, MA
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"The vessel with the pestle has the brew that is true."

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