[at-l] A study in contrasts. Circus and hike in one day.

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Sun Mar 28 12:35:07 CDT 2010

Yesterday I took our granddaughters to a circus in the morning.  In the afternoon I hiked/ran 16 miles on the SC Foothills Trail to view the rare Oconee Bell flower.

As I sat in the circus I was struck with the superficiality, glitter, waste, extravagance, noise, large amounts of junk "food," animals acting unnaturally, etc., etc., etc.  I did recognize a certain dedication and sense of achievement/accomplishment by performers who spent many hours training to become proficient at juggling and other difficult skills.  Hikers do share that dedication and sense of acomplishment.

It was a relief to get away from that in the afternoon, hiking 8 miles from highway 178 to Lake Jocassee and back.  I enjoyed beautiful weather, quiet, and a wonderful contrast from the circus atmosphere!  Oconee Bell plants are found in abundance where I went, and not many other places in the world.  This link has a photo and a good description:  http://www.scenicnc.com/oconee_bells.html

It's raining here today.

Gutsy is on spring break, and she has a bad case of Springer Fever.  She spent Friday night at Amicalola Falls State Park and is headed north on the AT for a week.  She sent me SPOT locater signals yesterday from Springer Mt. shelter and from Cooper Gap.

Dan / Odometer
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