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My Precip lost its water repellency. I washed it according to the directions on the label and then washed in Granger's. It still was never as good as it had been originally. On the Trail, someone who apparently knows Precip very well told me I'd messed it up by washing (even though I followed the care label directions.) He told me some stuff I had to wash it in to remove detergent residue, and then something else to restore the waterproofing. It wasn't Grangers... Nikwax maybe. Anyway, I forget what I was supposed to wash it in first. It only about half sheds water now. Anyone know what to do?


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I put a picture of my poor worn-out Precip on FB last night. Hot Dog said "They're guaranteed for life. Bring it by the store." (Appalachian Outfitters) They let me choose between getting it today and paying shipping, or waiting  couple of weeks. So I now have a brand-new, $6.50 Precip. :-)

Thanks, Russ!
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