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The zipka is interesting with the retractable cords.  Are those fragile or easy to break?  Looks like it would be a pain if they did.  

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  Nice looking headlamp. Uses AAA batteries, which in my humble opinion is better than little coin cells or camera batteries. The latest version of the Zipka is similar, with a main white light and a smaller red light. I have the previous two versions of the Zipka and like it. 

  It's easy to find a really bright headlamp, but some of those aren't very useful when I try to read inside my tent at night. Too bright. Little lights for reading are great, but then I have a hard time using them for hiking at night. Having both lights in one headlamp is cool.


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    Anyone have experience with the Princeton Tec Remix Headlamp (here's the REI URL: http://www.rei.com/product/804211).  Options for the close-up mode light are white, red or green.  I've heard of the red option but never green.  Anyone ever use a green camp light?

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