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One caveat for the zipka.  If you have as big a head as mine, it's just too tight.  As it hurts after a while.  If you've of the smaller headed variety, it should work fine.

Joan of the huge cranium

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I've always loved my zipka, and have never had a problem with the cord breaking.  I love the retractable cord because I like to loop it around the ridgeline in my hammock and use it as an overhead light. 

I didn't know there was a new version of it.  I really don't need new gear this year . . . so maybe a new headlight wouldn't be too much to spend?  I'd like one with two settings.

When not hiking, I leave the zipka in the glove compartment of my car.  VERY handy when changing a flat tire in the dark (and yes, I've actually used it that way)


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The zipka is interesting with the retractable cords.  Are those fragile or easy to break?  Looks like it would be a pain if they did.  


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