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I was thinking it was just me 'cause I says to me, "Why don't he just hike on the AT a little to see what's there?" Technology is a good thing and all, but what about the old direct observation? Maybe it's just me.  Hopeful ...who turns his headlamp off while he's knitting so nobody will think he's a sissy  :) 
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I saw the Nat Geo thing on the AT the other day. and, Laurie P. did a 
good job. But, I gotta tell ya...that part where the guy was acting 
surprised that he got pictures of ponies on his motion-sensor camera in 
Grayson Highlands...really annoyed me. and, the funny thing was...when 
Pilot and I were watching the show, I actually had a T-shirt on that 
said something about the wild ponies on Mt. Rogers! (now THAT'S irony)
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