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That's a good idea. I like to read during commercials but the lamp bothers my elderly mother, who sits on the other side of the room. Headlight would be the perfect solution. I shoulda thought of that.... 

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I sometimes use mine to knit or read in the TV room at home. Not enough light in there. Hubby says I'm a weirdo. I tell him I'm clever. :p

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I've used my headlamp for many things.  Going outside the house at night.  Working on the cars, computers, and looking for things out in the storage building that doesn't have electricity (yet).  Of course I have used it for reading at night and even walking around the house when the power was off.

I have headlamps everywhere.  I carry one in my purse, one in the backpack, keep one by the bed, and one by the back door.  Michael took one of them to Iraq with him and has used it several times.  He loves it and keeps one with him all of the time now.

Headlamps are not just a piece of hiking gear... it's now a piece of my every day gear.  :)
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