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Actually, the day before he sold it, he spent a lot of time removing all the stickers, and WAXING it.  (First time I ever remember that he waxed the car.)  

Most interesting sticker I bought him in Moab, Utah, and he kept on the front of the glove box.  He moved it from the backwindow at my suggestion because he sometimes substitute teaches at an elementary school, and I thought it might keep him from getting more calls to sub.  It read:

"Hike naked,  Hang out in the Backcountry."


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Because of the stickers maybe? Instant 'cred' for a wannbe.

Jim Bullard

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With about 67,000 mi. on my 2004 minivan (wanted something I could sleep in; it's a tin tent), not sure where I'd be.  Friend Jon just sold his Geo Prizm with 247,000 mi. on it, so I guess he'd be with Alex on the moon.   
This IS hiking related because that Prizm was covered with hiking stickers (not as many as eaAThworm, but quite a few).  It was still running and the AC and radio still worked, but it had reached the stage of monthly repair in the $300 range.  
What amazed me was he put it on Craig's list one morning at 8:30 a.m. for $500.  Blue book was less than $350.  I thought he was nuts; I thought he should have just sold it to the junker who offered $150.   By 3:00 p.m. he had FIFTEEN interested buyers.  The guy who got it offered $550.  I still don't get why it was such a hot item.
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