[at-l] Okay, the question I thought I'd never be asking...

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Go to Amazon and get an Etrex Vista HCx and a 4gb SDHC card. Then Chase or I will give you the name of a website where you can put better maps on it for free than you could buy from Garmin.

I *always* use a GPS. Besides the fact that I make maps, I have brain damage and lose where I'm at sometimes. The GPS track lets me turn around and get back to blazes, no matter how many wrong turns I've day-dreamed through. It also lets you compare your track to the map and know exactly where you are map-wise.

The GPS I listed only weighs 5 ounces. A pair of AA batteries lasts 25 hours in it. I've had a lot of GPS receivrs, but it's the best by far.


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Just saw the less than glowing reviews on the one I linked.

So what's the best one I can get for less than $200? $250?


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