[at-l] Okay, the question I thought I'd never be asking...

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If my tent starts dragging anchor at night... I'm in trouble! ;-)

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> I was looking for a replacement/upgrade of the GPS unit I have now, which
> is a "bottom shelf" Garmin eTrex that doesn't seem to be working all that
> well anymore. I was out on the trail this past weekend and first it was
> telling me that I was at 266' above sea level, then at 356' above sea
> level...when according to all the reference books it was actually well over
> a thousand feet above sea level. This was at the Deer Lick Shelter(s) and
> the adjacent water source, about 4.5 miles Northbound into PA.
> I'll probably buy that $150 model; I like the anchor dragging alarm option
> on it, for those times I may happen to be overnighting on my sailboat...
> -"Camo"
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> Good find, Jack. I would definitely recommend that one as an entry-level
> unit, if you weren't taking super long trips.
>  Because of the lack of ability to use a Micro SDHC card, it will only take
> 24 MB of mapping. The Etrex Vista HCx holds a 4GB card, and my current
> mapset with highway and trail maps of the east coast uses over 2GB of that.
> The only other negative is battery life. 15 hours versus 25 makes a big
> difference in how many batteries you'd have to carry on a long trip. On the
> AT, no big whoop. Two extra batteries (and ounces) between towns.
> This may well be a very good choice for the OP. If his hike is only a few
> hundred miles, it will fit on there. If he's only going to turn on the unit
> and mark a point every 30 minutes or so, battery life isn't going to matter
> much.
> High-quality Garmin trail maps are now free for the downloading. Thanks to
> Chase Davidson, I quit using the Garmin Topo 2008 trail maps and started
> using the freebies from http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/. The Garmin Topo 2008
> maps are based on USGS 100k data. These are based on 24k (4 times the
> detail). They're also free. You just have to have a copy of Mapsource to
> send the mapset across.
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> It just so happens that I was looking on the REI site at GPS units
> yesterday. There was what looked to be a decent model (with good reviews)
> for $150:
> http://www.rei.com/product/761620
> -"Camo"
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> Subject: [at-l]  Okay, the question I thought I'd never be asking...
> Just saw the less than glowing reviews on the one I linked.
> So what's the best one I can get for less than $200? $250?
> Thanks!
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