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Rosalind Suit rosalind.suit at verizon.net
Sun May 16 10:49:45 CDT 2010

"Eye" would have answered "aye"., ....but "I" was at Pine Grove Furnace yesterday, mopping the floor of the AT Museum first floor that was freshly painted the day before.  Dry wall construction and foot traffic leaves a lot of dust....but,  Bruce L. and 'Camo'  Jack needed a clean place to re-construct Earl Shaffer's shelter as the main exhibit......and they'd brought along a very nice young Brit thru-hiker from Boiling Springs, named "Roaring Lion," to help, as he was taking a few days off to rest an injured leg.  Quite a wonderful workday there.....Mike Myers and Al Black were tiling the bathroom....Bill Jones and a local fella were putting up new railing at the entrance, and finishing the brick walkway....Margy Schmidt, new Volunteer Coordinator, and several others were cleaning furniture in the basement to use for display purposes when the "work stuff" is cleared out of the first floor.  Others who stopped by to help from PATC, SATC, MCM, BMECC, and local residents who are supportive, interested, and also volunteering.......we would have liked to be at Trail Days.....but....  this was nearer and dearer.  Great day!!

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