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But I wish I had spent the weekend anywhere except with my left leg as high up in the air as I could get it (recliner with two pillows under it).  Had bunion and hammertoe surgery 4 weeks ago.  No hiking for THREE MONTHS!  It my usual practice to tear home from work, throw on some hiking duds and get to the woods for at least an hour 3-5 evenings a week.  This stinks.  

I was back at work after one week, but I keep my leg up on a pillow-topped hassock.

Then I get the right foot done next fall.  Then both knees replaced sometime in 2011.  Want to do all this while I still have Blue Cross/Blue Shield at work.  When I get all this done, I should be able to do more rugged trails again.  Counting down to retirement---3 years, 9 months, and two weeks to go....  

Well, to be honest the weekend did include:
1.  Friday night overnight visit from traveling girlfriend
2.  Saturday meeting of the women's reading group (re-read Catcher in the Rye)
3.  Saturday evening free blues concert with Jon

But it wasn't hiking!

Incidentally, Jon Phipps (Rodknee Dangertrail, formerly known as Wanchor (AT x 4, PCT, FT, LT, etc.)) has been renamed St. Jon at my house.  He's doing all the cooking, laundry, picking up, grocery shopping, and working on the FT about 5 days a week as volunteer).  Makes all the boxes I shipped look like small potatoes.


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All right...anyone who isn't at Trail Days, say "Eye!!" 

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