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Felix J AThiker at smithville.net
Mon May 17 09:54:07 CDT 2010

Adrian Borner wrote:
> I am planning for August to do a section hike through Maine. Since 
> things have changed a bit since my through-hike in 2001 I would 
> appreciate to get some advice.
> Starting point will be Gorham. Then my brother-in-law will join me for 
> the Grafton Loop Trail, so I can use him as my first mail drop. Later 
> he will join me again for the 100 Mile Wilderness in Monson.
> For the section Route 26 to Monson I will need to re-supply in the 
> Rangeley area and a bit in Caratunk. Most likely I will hit the 
> Rangley area on a weekend, so a post office mail-drop may not work and 
> I do not feel tlike hanging around an extra day this time.
> How difficult is it to get a lift into Rangeley on Rt 17 or Rt 4? 
> Where can I send a mail-drop besides the PO? Any other suggestions 
> where to re-supply?
> In Caratunk is there only the PO or what other facilities are there?
Hitching in Maine has never been a problem for me (though, I DO have 
great legs). And, getting to Rangeley  has never been difficult. I think 
Gull Pond Lodge is still there and was a good stop back in '01.  
Oquossoc is right there and just as easy to get to as well. I think both 
Rangeley and Oquossoc are good for long-term resupply. Caratunk has some 
stuff going on (groceries, camping, hostels and the like) within a 
couple of miles of the AT. I'm not sure what is actually IN 'town' there 
now, though.  (There's a really good pizza to be had at the Red Onion in 
Rangeley, by the way)  (How often is pizza bad? ) 

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"
ALT '03 KT '03

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