[at-l] Alcohol Stoves vs. Latest non-alcohol

Gary Ticknor garyticknor at verizon.net
Mon May 17 10:40:05 CDT 2010

On a 3 day hike in warm weather I use Esbit fuel tabs.

Except for very cold weather I still prefer alcohol to gasoline or 
Colemans fuel.

If you want to carry jet boil stoves feel free to ;) 

- Greenbriar

>   What's the latest thoughts on alcohol vs. non-alcohol?  On a 
> three-day hike this weekend, using my alcohol stove, I was reminded 
> yet again that the stove (1) requires some fumbling around to get the 
> stove lit, and (2) you need to get just the right amount of fuel in 
> the stove (too much and you're wasting fuel, too little and your 
> water/food doesn't get hot and you have to wait for the stove to cool 
> and start over).   
>   Most folks seemed to be carrying small canister stoves that looked 
> pretty light.  I'm wondering if stove technology has gotten to the 
> point that its worth considering replacing my alcohol stove with 
> something else? 
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