[at-l] maps

Felix J AThiker at smithville.net
Mon May 17 12:34:52 CDT 2010

Ryan Crawford wrote:
> Ever since '97 it's been a 10-15 minute walk from the to top.  I remember 
> 45-60 minute walk down from into the road back in '97.  The old 2000 
> databook show Moosilauke at 4802 and Beaver Brook at 3650 with Rt 112 at 
> 1812.  That pretty much is the way I remember it as well.  I spent the night 
> at BB shelter.  I remember it seemed like the data book was off on mileage 
> when it came to the stretch between NH 112 and Eliza Brook Shelter.  That 
> stretch took me much longer than what I thought it should have taken me 
> given the mileage listed in the book at the time.  From what I remember they 
> were starting to do the GPS of the trail in '97 to update the mileage 
> figures.  That was the only stretch given the terrain/topography I would 
> have disagreed with based on the '96/'97 databook figures.  I always hiked 3 
> mph pace pretty much anywhere as long as I wasn't hiking behind/with 
> someone.  The only two stretches that never came out correct were 112-Eliza 
> Brook and...quite naturally, Mahoosuc Notch.

That stretch from 112 to Beaver Brook...and, on to the summit of 
Moosilauke...is really tough southbound. In fact, I've called it the 
last really hard work for a southbounder.  The reason I asked the 
question is that i have two different sets of maps...1988 and 1995, I 
believe. The older set shows BB L-t about a half-mile from the 
road...which would put it right about where the climb begins. The newer 
map shows it closer to the top....where it was in 1998.  i wondered if 
it had been moved, or if the map was wrong.

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