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Very cool, Leslie. :-)

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Yesterday afternoon, I took my mother onto the trail where it crosses the parking lot road by Watauga Dam.  We found a hiker (All In, from Charleston, WV) sitting on a log.  I didn't get the chance to talk his ear off, because my mother did it for me.  <G>  He's sectioning from Dennis Cove to Damascus.  Huge pack.  If I understood correctly, this is his first AT experience.  He stayed at one of the shelters between Dennis Cove and the dam Sunday night, which was his first night out.  In the night he heard a bear tearing down the tree his bear bag was hanging from.  He had to hike back into Hampton yesterday morning to resupply.  This will be a great story for him when he gets home.  <G>
As we were talking to him, I spotted a geocache on the ground beside the AT sign.  We're not even geocachers, but we've driven our son around to do it when he's visited.  This one had the lid covered in camo duck tape.  
Fun few minutes for us.  We were driving around showing my mother the area, since this is her first visit here.  She was delighted with the whole afternoon.  
"Oh give me tears for others' woes, And patience for my own!"  
                (from 'Christian Harmony', p. 67b, Dundee) 

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