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Your facts are consistent with a recent conversation I had about BB shelter. It was at the base of the climb until the mid-90's. The location was (afterwards) used as an illegal campsite. At the time of the new shelter the AT was rerouted in it's approach to Rt. 112 to avoid the old shelter area. The new bit of trail is only about 1/2 a mile and includes the 2 stream bridges (made of creosoted timbers) and the short stretch to avoid walking in the parking lot. 

(To be a bit pedantic I should also mention that I've scouted and found significantly old white blazes S and W of the parking lot. Their age would tell me that the original trail went in a beeline from the old shelter to the remnants of a CCC camp and then along a dirt road to 112. From 112 the hiker had to walk the highway about 1/4 mile before heading towards Mt. Wolf, the Kinsmans, etc.) If others have more information I'd enjoy hearing about the "old trail".

About the time of the new shelter the "stairs" were put in along Beaver Brook. It was a more difficult stretch to hike before the stairs, but now I'm sounding like a grumpy old man!

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>Moosilauke...is really tough southbound. In fact, I've called it the
last really hard work for a southbounder.  The reason I asked the
question is that i have two different sets of maps...1988 and 1995, I
believe. The older set shows BB L-t about a half-mile from the
road...which would put it right about where the climb begins. The newer
map shows it closer to the top....where it was in 1998.  i wondered if
it had been moved, or if the map was wrong.

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