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Felix J AThiker at smithville.net
Tue May 18 15:44:27 CDT 2010

Michael Henderson wrote:
> You're right, I mis-read Rock Dancer's post.  The stairs along Beaver Brook WERE there in '92, looked fairly new, but certainly a season old already.  Would have been impossible without them - would have had to route the trail away from the Brook a bit, as the stairs are installed directly up (down) near-shear rock faces.  Got a cool pic in that slide show of mine.

Really? I didn't know you had a slide show...  ;-)

The things that stick out about that whole hill to me are these:

A dog nearly bit Stoat and/or Pokey as we climbed and the dog and owner 
There was a very loud, obnoxious group of DOCers there that night. A 
couple of the girls felt bad about it and gave us donuts the next morning
On the summit of Moosilauke we were asked for but one of MANY times: 
Anyone know Felix? 
And, on the way down it we hooked up with a good friend of mine at 
Jeffers Brook Lean-to.   He brought carrots. 

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