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Mark Hudson mvhudson at gmail.com
Tue May 18 17:26:32 CDT 2010

Mike, I don't know about seeing headlights, but you're not misremembering
the traffic noise, the old shelter was VERY close to the road. The saving
grace was that there was almost no traffic after dark.
Raced a thunderstorm over Mt Moosilauke, went down all those steps in the
rain, and shared the shelter with a French Canadian section hiker. Who gave
me a beer. Which he had carried over Moosilauke.
Usually trail magic is when someone carries something from their car for
you. What do you call it when they carry it over a mountain for you???  :-)

Someone else who's hike was almost 20 YEARS ago?!

(on this date I was at Seely-Woodworth Sh, getting ready to head for Rusty's
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