[at-l] Delayed gratification

Linda Patton lpatton at fsu.edu
Wed May 19 10:16:09 CDT 2010

There's another Frank out walking *toward* you!  Frank "Sunset" 
Masters has walked the Florida Trail to Alabama and then north 
through Alabama to the Pinhoti and into Georgia.  He plans to 
connect to the Benton MacKaye and then to the A.T. and then 
to the Bartram and then to the Foothills and thence to his home. 
On May 11 he was taking a few days off in Dalton, GA (northwest 
of Atlanta, so it will be a while yet 'til he gets to the A.T./Bartram 
intersection.  Frankly, my dear, I hope the two of you run into 
each other.
~~ eArThworm
PS: Could it have been a boat motor?...maybe an electric one?

> ... I got a ride to Whitewater Falls on the SC/NC border. I currently 
> plan to hike to the Bartram trail using the Foothills trail. From 
> the Bartram, I plan to walk to the AT. ... and I can hear a lawn 
> mower over in GA. No idea about why there's a lawn mower. Or if 
> it even *is* a lawn mower...

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