[at-l] NatureBoy Ist Nobo to reach Monson

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Wed May 19 17:00:29 CDT 2010

Spent a few days in Baxter, stopped in Greenville and Monson on the way
home. Sobos at Shaws report mega blowdowns, attacking osprey at Antlers.
Chatting with Rebekah at Lake Shore House when NatureBoy strolls in, soaking
wet and in wicked good spirits. Katahdin should be open by the time he gets
there - and he'll be the first nobo to hike the retro-re-route inside
Baxter. The AT after Daicey Pond headed past Tracy and Elbow ponds before
hitting the Tote Road for a .8 mile walk to Katahdin Stream. The re-route
heads out behind Grassy Pond and ends directly across from KSC - no road
walk. This is the same Trail that Earl walked in '48, and that's cool.

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