[at-l] We've got Smoke

David Addleton dfaddleton at gmail.com
Mon May 31 07:57:16 CDT 2010

Apparently New Hampshire isn't the only place smelling the smoke:

On Mon, May 31, 2010 at 8:28 AM, Art Cloutman <Art at crystalacresnh.com> wrote:
> It is hard to breath inmy section of NH because of heavy smoke from a
> forest fire in Quebec.  Over 100,000 acres involved and the wind is
> blowing it our way.
> I am getting increasingly frustrated trying to get onto
> trailjournals.com.  A few people on this list seem to indicate that
> tj is up and running but every time I try to get on my computer
> replies "cannot open trailjournals.com because it cannot find the
> trailjournals.com server.
> My question to you is "have you been able to long onto trailjournals
> today?"  Can you try for me?  I wonder if it can be in my computer?
> I contacted MetroCast my internet provider, they claim they do not
> block websites but were not able to help me.  I need to be able to
> access the sight because I am transcribing a journal for "Burnie" who
> is currently on the PCT.  Haven't been able to get on in over a week.
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> Life is Good!!!
> Art Cloutman
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